Orchid Point Apartments

This large residential scheme in Old Trafford comprises of the complete refurbishment of a stunning 19th century industrial mill, print works and a medicine factory, each a reminder of Manchester’s rich industrial heritage.

Our aim was to create a brand identity that would unify the many different buildings that together make up Orchid Point. We also designed an accompanying promotional brochure and other marketing materials.


Branding / Environment / Print

OPA Brand Logotype 01OPA Brand Logotype 01
OPA Brand Logo Marque 01OPA Brand Logo Marque 01
OPA Branding - Pattern 02OPA Branding - Pattern 02
OPA Building - Elevation 04OPA Building - Elevation 04
OPA Building Symbols 03OPA Building Symbols 03
OPA Building Branding 01OPA Building Branding 01
OPA Building Branding 03OPA Building Branding 03
OPA Cover ImageOPA Cover Image
OPA Brochure 01OPA Brochure 01
OPA Brochure 02OPA Brochure 02
OPA Brochure 03OPA Brochure 03
OPA Brochure 04OPA Brochure 04
OPA Brochure 05OPA Brochure 05
OPA Brochure 06OPA Brochure 06