Hype Merseyside

Hype is a youth provider with a difference, working directly within local communities to transform the lives of disadvantaged children and young people.

As a catalyst for social change they develop, fund and support learning programmes for every stage of a young persons development, opening doors to experiences and opportunities that improve their lives while promoting healthy, more cohesive communities.

Studio Left was commissioned by Nonconform to help rebrand them, aiming to capture the energy and positive impact that this unique service brings to the lives of young people and their communities.

To create their distinctive new logo he wrote a program that places a preset number of circles around the Hype wordmark. Each time the program runs the positions, sizes and colours of the circles are randomised, which provided us with an infinite supply of interesting results to work from. We selected our favourites and refined them using Adobe Illustrator until we reached our final design.


Branding / Generative / Print

Hype Merseyside Brand 01Hype Merseyside Brand 01
Hype Merseyside Colour Palette 01Hype Merseyside Colour Palette 01
Hype Merseyside Cover 03Hype Merseyside Cover 03
Hype Merseyside Business Cards 03Hype Merseyside Business Cards 03
Hype Merseyside Website 01Hype Merseyside Website 01