AVRO Developments

AVRO is a UK property developer and provider of buy-to-let investment opportunities in Greater Manchester and Yorkshire.

Working closely with the CEO and head of sales we created a strong and sturdy identity system which we then applied to stationary, promotional brochures and a responsive website.


Branding / Print / Website

AVRO Cover ImageAVRO Cover Image
AVRO Brand Logotype 01AVRO Brand Logotype 01
AVRO Brand 03AVRO Brand 03
AVRO Stationary 02AVRO Stationary 02
AVRO Brochures 01AVRO Brochures 01
AVRO Brochure Spread 01AVRO Brochure Spread 01
AVRO Website 01AVRO Website 01
AVRO Website 02AVRO Website 02
AVRO Website 03AVRO Website 03