LoveChristmas Fair

The LoveChristmas Fair is a yearly charity event that brings together an exceptional array of boutique shops, hand-picked from all over the UK for the very best in Christmas shopping. The event was set up to raise money for several worthy causes and in it’s first year raised over £13,000 for the charities it supported.

Studio Left worked closely with the LoveChristmas Committee to design a striking Nordic inspired identity that encompassed both the spirit of the festive season and the boutique, handmade character of the fair itself. The large illustrated logo can be broken apart so that its various elements can easily be used stand alone across both print and digital platforms.


Branding / Print


Client: LoveChristmas Committee

LoveChristmas Cover ImageLoveChristmas Cover Image
LoveChristmas Brand 01 - LogotypeLoveChristmas Brand 01 - Logotype
LoveChristmas Brand 03LoveChristmas Brand 03
LoveChristmas Brand 02LoveChristmas Brand 02
LoveChristmas Invite 01LoveChristmas Invite 01