Pixelbomb Games

Pixelbomb Games is an independent game developer and publisher based in Manchester City centre. Founded in 2012, this small team of 20 artists and developers has one goal: to make exciting games.

It was obvious to us from the outset that they needed a brand as clearly defined as their idea of what it is that makes a great game. We took their existing logo and expanded it into a full identity system, complete with brand guidelines, business cards, team t-shirts and a responsive website.

Created in collaboration with Charlene Giles and the Pixelbomb Games team.


Branding / Print / Website

Pixelbomb Games Logos 02Pixelbomb Games Logos 02
Pixelbomb Games Big Bomb 01Pixelbomb Games Big Bomb 01
Pixelbomb Games Development Team T-shirt 01Pixelbomb Games Development Team T-shirt 01
Pixelbomb Brand 01Pixelbomb Brand 01
Pixelbomb Website 01Pixelbomb Website 01
Pixelbomb Website 03Pixelbomb Website 03
Pixelbomb Website 05Pixelbomb Website 05
Pixelbomb Website 07Pixelbomb Website 07