Beyond Flesh and Blood

The first title from Pixelbomb Games is a gory, third person action shooter set 265 years from now in post-apocalyptic Manchester. Players control a range of mechs as they battle their way through hostile environments in search of the truth about whats really happening on Earth.

We were commissioned to create several marketing campaigns prior to the games launch with the aim of building up a fan base for this blood spattered indie title. These included a secret security network website, packed with edited video footage of Manchester City Centre, it delivered visitors a story that tied into the games plot. For Halloween we designed 250 promotional blood vials, complete with patient details and links to download a copy of the games demo, these were handed out to the attendees of a developer conference in the city.

We also designed a wide range of marketing collateral for use at events which the team attended throughout the year, such as stand graphics, competition goodie bag’s, posters, stickers, flyers and demo download splash pages.

Created in collaboration with Charlene Giles, Amy Francis and the Pixelbomb Games team.


Environment / Print / Website

BFB Event Stand 01BFB Event Stand 01
BFB Event flyer 01BFB Event flyer 01
BFB Give-away01BFB Give-away01
BFB UGR Site 01BFB UGR Site 01
BFB UGR Site 02BFB UGR Site 02
BFB UGR Site 03BFB UGR Site 03
BFB Blood Vial Diagram 01BFB Blood Vial Diagram 01