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FITC Amsterdam 2018

FITC Amsterdam 2018

Last weekend I flew to Holland with some friends to attend FITC Amsterdam, a design and technology conference that’s now in its 11th year. Taking place over two days it was jam-packed with great talks, workshops, networking events and free coffee!

There was such a nice vibe throughout and the venues layout helped to make each talk feel quite intimate, even in the big main stage area. An added bonus was the balance that came from it being a design & tech conference, which I think really allowed the speakers to dive deeper into their creative process and show off some of the tools they’re using.

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December 7, 2017 - No Comments!

99% Invisible: Mexico 68 Podcast

99% Invisible made this great podcast about Lance Wyman's famous design campaign for Mexico's 1968 Olympic games.

Unbeknown to Lance at the time, his work would go on to set the standard for future games and be inspiration to designers for years to come.

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1 year+ facelift

SL Site Update 2017

Wow this site has been live for well over a year now? Its true what they say time flies when you’re having fun! I’d been wanting to give SL a much needed facelift for a while now and this felt like it was as good a time as any.

Before I get into the actual update I’d like to quickly go through the reasons why I felt I needed to do this little revamp:

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OFFF 2017

OFFF Festival 2017

I had an incredible time at OFFF Festival 2017! This was my fourth time in attendance so I knew what to expect from these 3 big days of inspiration in Barcelona. The speaker lineup for this years festival was crammed full of talented Graphic Designers and I was interested to see how this would effect the vibe when I compared it to my last visit in 2015 when the roster was much more motion focused.

So what is OFFF? The simple answer is that it’s a 3 day festival of creativity which takes place in Barcelona at the Disseny Hub (Design Museum of Barcelona), featuring a mix of insanely talented speakers, exhibitions and workshops. But it’s so much more than that.

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Splinter x CBeebies Storytime

Splinter x CBeebies Storytime - Peter Rabbit

Since the beginning of January I’ve been working as part of the team at Splinter, building new interactive stories that will live inside of CBeebies award-winning Storytime app.

Working alongside the CBeebies team throughout, we were responsible for the preparation of assets and animation for each adventure.

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