Fetch is a celebration of the joy of dog ownership which was inspired by my own dog’s favourite pass time. Jax loves nothing more than chasing a ball and his boundless energy and excitement for it is an inspiration. My goal with this project was simply to capture a snapshot of the fun we’ve had playing together over the years.

I wanted to go in a new direction with this piece, one that would push my design skills and allow me to work in a completely different illustrative style.

I used reference photos of Jax and his favourite toys as guides when drawing each of the individual graphic element that appears within Fetch. The finished illustrations were then taken into Processing as SVG’s where I wrote a program to create the final composition.

Created using Processing + Hype Framework + SVG.


Illustration / Generative / Print

Fetch White OutlinedFetch White Outlined
Fetch final digital 01Fetch final digital 01
Fetch Reference Photo 02Fetch Reference Photo 02
Fetch Objects 01Fetch Objects 01
Fetch code example 01Fetch code example 01